Writing is one of the bravest things you'll ever do. Why? Because in the act of stepping forward to pick up that pen you are claiming an essential aspect of your self that has been silenced. Whether you write only in the privacy of your own world, or you write to share your work with others, have no doubt friends you are claiming your voice and your visibility. You are about to tell the truth. For online and face to face writing support call by The Write Road and if you're looking for a creativity kickstarter adventure, come on over to Walk & Write.
Walking the wild world is one of the most beautiful ways you can spend a life. Sure it has its *&^%$%&*)*^ moments, so what? Pilgrimage will code into your bones the great spiritual lessons to be learned on this Earth, not coincidentally the same the lessons the writer needs in order to meet her calling to write: commitment, discipline, endurance, even faith and more. If you'd like to put your love of walking and writing together and take your pen for a wander along the world's great trails, visit me on Walk & Write adventure writing holidays. See you there 🙂
Media messaging is a competitive world and competing with the 7-digit promotional budgets of the big guns is a nightmare - so don't compete. Play smart, not hard. Follow your leader. They've already done the research, and more, follow them. And learn a few play-smart rules to keep your news media, social media and online media efforts sane and manageable. Over on The Write Road there are a handful of free resources, including The 7 Secret Keys to Media Messaging - and you'll find info about the MPower Media Messaging course. See you there!

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