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10 June, 2011

She’s back!
It’s hot.

Very hot.

The sidewalks are steaming and the city is sticky and slow.

Strangely, I don’t mind it. It’s easy being hot when all you have to think about is your own well being.

Today, in my case, that meant icecream and watermelon.

I’m just about to head into the city to another iconic landmark, Radio City Music Hall.

Zarkana! Cirque du Soleil’s new show. In the heart of New York City. Just 85 bucks a ticket for opening night. Coooooool.

The city is beginning to make real sense to me. I have been exploring round and about, here and there, ad hoc forays into myriad neighbourhoods. And finally they’re adding up!

Today, I was looking for Montague Street in Brooklyn. Or, to be precise, looking for the bus to take me to Montague Street. I was there last week and I wanna give the waitress in the little Italian joint my books to read, for no other reason than we had a big long discussion about favourite books and we traded lists and I didn’t tell her I was a writer.

She’s a perfect American guinea pig for my books.

So there I was, wanting to catch the bus to Montague Street. And I glanced up and there was Montague Street, right beside me. I had no idea that downtown  Brooklyn and Montague Street were the same thing! Haha.

Finally on Tuesday I found some summer clothes. Dresses with suitable hemlines. I couldn’t bear another sweltering day in jeans and t-shirts! I found them on Montague Street.

Here’s the view from the end of Montague Street.

Thanks to those of you who have missed me on the blog. I’ve been resting, brewing actually, diving deeper than the surface offerings the blog demands.

Let’s leave today with one clear bell of a statement. It’s on t-shirts all over the world

I love New York City.

And here’s why: in New York, at ground level, you can be anyone you wanna be. Just relax and get on with it.

Oh, and the photo at the top? I went to the UN the other day. Not much there but a surprisingly large number of people paying their respects to the flags of many nations.

Like just about everything human, it represents a beautiful ideal and visionary hard work and devotion to the actualisation of a common dream.

The reality will always disappoint. Which is why we must forgive ourselves our humanness and fall in love with what is noble and true. In this way we will save ourselves – and nurturing the Earth our home will be a given.


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