Apr 222012

This I learned today about book publishing in the US:

1. I’m not so sure it’s alive and well, but judging by the easy-going crowd milling about the shady grounds of the University of Southern California today, people still like their books – or else they like free things to do

2. there are two genres that are seriously kickin’:  children’s and travel. LA’s Distant Travel bookstore was the only booth boastin’ standin’ room only (hmmm, lookin’ at the photo . . . maybe I’m being optimistic); and a good third of the festival space was given over to thronging children and their parents

3. I reckon I found the best lobster roll this side of the Appalachians in the Lobsta Bus – if they weren’t queuing in the travel tent, they were lined up by the red bus.

It was worth the wait.

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