Apr 232012

Okay, I confess, I went for the lobster roll.

Toasted white bread crammed with lobster dripping with butter – it is divine.

Fortunately for me, I beat the ten-mile queue.

And then, well, the highlight of day 2 of the LA Times Book Festival was – let’s start at the very beginning, it’s a very good place to start – first movie I ever saw at the pictures – da daaaaa, the von Trapp children.

Haha, doe a deer, true story, four of the von Trapp children, including little Gretel, appearing on stage together to promote their Sound of Music ‘scrap book’.

And praise their moms, who kept all that stuff.


But not as cute as Betty White, who is not cute at all but commanding, I’m sure.

Not that I saw her, not even close.

There weren’t many queues at the festival, which was breezy, cruisy, easy come easy go – until Betty.

They queued a mile for a glimpse of Betty, young and old, men, women and children waiting for their dazzling moment with the queen of . . . what? American TV life, I guess . . . you are sixteen, going on seventee-five, ladies and gentlemen, the von Trapp children.


The von Trapp children (not the one on the far left, she was the panel host)




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