May 242012

Apparently the Clintons couldn’t make it.

The woman who told me that said so with a straight face.

I dressed the part anyway, lest political royalty did show at my show.


Try saying that name. It is a beautiful word.

I rocked up to the library early in the morning, swept from the pavement outside the lovely ol’ musty ol’ Kittlehouse Inn by the library’s generously spirited program manager, Joan Kuhn.

On the way to the library she whipped me past the Clinton house – they’ve had to put up a fence. We peered into the garden from the idling car, sending greetings from a distant shore, before heading for the library, where – look at that – the closest I have come to my name in lights.

Joan took a quick snap.


Joan and the library’s director Pam took me to dinner – to Bill’s favourite restaurant, on the odd chance he had a reservation that evening.

Personally, I’m a Hillary woman myself.

I, for one, and I hope one among many, still hold the flame high for the most powerful woman on earth – and pray (because I’ve just come from Georgia) that the world will still yet be graced by her presence on the US political throne.

In the meantime, I will perform to her absent chair in the Chappaqua Library theater, to Hillary and the happy crowd who had come along to hear a strange Australian tell stories about a very long walk across Italy, through the Balkans and into the Middle East.


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