May 032012



That’s N’Orlins to local folk.

And tomorrow, I’m goin’ to Jackson.

It’s the only afternoon train outa Noo ORlins and considerin’ prices in this city double tomorrow for the Jazz Festival on the weekend, the festival is just gonna have to wait for me to come round again.

So as I spoke to the train woman on the phone and she was rattlin’ off the train route and I was lookin’ at my google map, Jackson seemed to shine a little brighter than the other spots . . . and then I started singin’ I’m gonnna Jackson

But in the meantime ahm here in Noo Orlins!

Deciding to take Danny’s advice and catch the street car up St Charles Avenue and take a geezer at the stately old homes. I googled Whole Food Market New Orleans and whadyaknow! There’s one right down the end of St Charles and over a bit.

I am a woman catchin’ trains – there is nothin’ I won’t do for good food.

Actually it’s always been that way. When I walked the Camino with Ben and his then girlfriend Renee we had a deal – Renee paid for the food, I cooked it and Ben carried it. ‘It’ being brown rice, cold pressed extra virgin olive oil, tamari, fresh vegetables etc.

And in Darwin, 35 years ago, I would drive 20 miles outa town for a ham sandwich. And I didn’t even eat ham. I must have been starving hungry one day and those ham sandwiches must’ve been all there was, but I’m here to tell you that that ham on that fresh white bread was unbeatable. At least in 1977.

In 2012, it’s smoked wild salmon, blue corn chips that a are unaffordable in Australia and three bucks here, berry keffir, the crunchiest red applies this side of New Zealand and the ingredients for Sheri’s fabulously smart ‘jar’ salad – chopped fresh mozzarella, tomatoes and basil dumped in a glass jar with olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

In truth I went all that way for that sugar-free Texas salsa – I remembered the rest when I got there . . . only to discover they had NO TEXAS SALSA in Louisiana.

But hell, I’m gonna Jackson, and that’s a fact.

Right now though, I’m headin’ back out into that billowing black sky for the book shops.

I might be having the time of my life but I am, after all, here to sell books.


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