May 042012



Farewell La Pavillion Hotel, N’ORlins.

The train is the closest thing I have to home these days . . . but for the company of friends – and La Pavillion.

This afternoon I catch the train to Mississippi, to the ‘cradle of the south’ – Jackson.

I’ve been singin’ Johnny Cash and June Carter for two days now.

Why Jackson? Room prices in this city double from now with the Jazz Festival this weekend – and the train to Jackson is the only train not going west from New Orleans this afternoon. So Jackson it is.

I’m goin’ to Jackson and that’s a fact.

I’m just about packed and I’ve got ‘Sheri’s Jar Salad’ ready to go.

Sheri's Jar Salad in my 'kitchen'

A woman on the road is an innovative woman – stuck for a cutting board and bench I used the bed and the newspaper tucked under the door, covered in a plastic bag. That salmon is my breakfast, the mozzarella brekkie and lunch. Yum.

I’m goin’ to Jackson . . .




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