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We live in times that give megaphone voices to haters.

Fascinatingly, to me, many many many of these people would not see themselves as negative forces; rather, they count themselves among campaigners for world peace, as champions of spiritual values, as lovers of harmony, beauty, goodwill, and capital L Love.

Yet these same people create enemies of large groups of people we know collectively as ‘politicians’, ‘journalists’, ‘lawyers’, ‘soldiers’ and ‘corporates’.

The other day I was listening to numerologist Sally Faubion, a regular guest on San Francisco radio program Arts in the Valley.

Sally was speaking of David Petraeus, the US general who led the charge in Afghanistan.

Here is an extract of her conversation:

“Petraeus is a stellar individual – literally, even though he’s a Republican. This man is in right place, doing what he came to this Earth plane to do. He is a dharmic soul, he has the highest numbers; he did not need to return to the Earth plane – he could have stayed on other side as a guardian angel.”

There are many spiritual laws governing the mystical planes of our universe. Chief among them is: things are not as they seem.

Humanity is an evolutionary state. There is nothing that we have here in the earliest days of the 21st century – on any plane – that we have not inherited from our ancestors. And regardless of who they were and where they came from, regardless of how we judge their actions and desires from the crows nest of forward time, the reality is they wanted only better and more for themselves and us, their grandsons and daughters.

This is not to say I applaud all of their actions and all of their aspirations. It is to say we are human – and regardless of who we are and how righteous our self proclaimed opinions, we have a penchant for creating enemies of those we do not understand and enlisting others to our small fights – even in the name of peace.

And that without serious commitment to asking hard questions of ourselves and each other, to scrutinising information set before us, to suspending our own trifling opinions and paying piercing educated attention to the lessons of the past, in our ignorance we endanger all that has been gained; and condemn our own grandsons and daughters to fighting – yes fighting – for it all, all over again.

Because the reality is we do not know what forces are in play that shape our small lives, and that by mindlessly nagging our leaders with our bleating and petty thoughts we are creating the very conditions in our world that we claim to abhor.

For there is another spiritual law that comes to mind: be careful for what you ask; you may receive.

The Occupy movement is an example: for all its hope and noble aspirations, at is foundation it is divisive, reckless and destructive.

It claims to represent the 99%. It proclaims an enemy of the 1% – who by definition are representatives of government, media, defence forces, law and business.

And so we the 99% herald our apparent disempowerment by enlisting others to our gloom with stories of failure and discontent.

Here’s a reality check: there’s not a single person I know who is not aligned with, and does not benefit from, the 1%.

And I promise you – all of you – that to the AIDS ravaged families of Africa, to the illiterate farm workers of South America, to the Aboriginal desert dwellers of Australia – you are the 1%.

You are the system you despise. You have credit cards that enable you have what you want, when you want it. You rely on banks to buy your homes. You are required by law to educate your children. You are entitled to raise hell if you can’t get adequate health care. You can’t live without your mobile phone yet you won’t allow its infrastructure in your neighbourhood. Hell! you go to war over a pothole in your road or the colour of your neighbour’s roof!

How’s this for a headline:


And that’s with our current political, legal, defence, media and business legacy.

Because the reality is it’s not all bad.

The reality is we risk losing the best of what we have because we have forgotten, if we ever knew, to pay attention to the subtle, invisible forces that shape our lives – the same forces that have given most Australians, and others in the West, the highest standard of living accompanied by more ‘rights’ than non-elite human beings have ever, ever, ever had . . . as well as a sustained and boring peace that leaves us with a startlingly furious ingratitude.

I suspect we want a fight more than we want to build on the best of what we have.

Do you know the Australian Constitution is the only constitution on Earth that was voted for – ie approved – by its people?

And do you know the Australian Constitution is the only constitution on Earth that can be changed ONLY with permission from its people?

Can you imagine – go on, I dare you – the vision, commitment and devotion it took to conceive, invent and breathe life into this document? And the courage and the struggle and the tears and even the laughter it took to ensure women voted from the first Australian parliament?

If you want to make a stand for the disenfranchised and the disempowered, deal yourself into the game.

It’s too easy to stand back and throw stones at ‘them’.

Former British prime minister Winston Churchill said:

Democracy is the worst form of government – except for all the rest.

You might want to spare a few moments to think about what he meant by ‘all the rest’.

Do you know around 200 journalists die each year bringing you the story you claim you want? I find it odd that we bang on about a collective enemy – the media, in this instance, yet fail to recognise that those within ‘the media’ are the first to lay down their lives for our sloganistic demands.

You want this or that story told? Are you willing to give up everything, including your life, to tell it?

Are you remotely interested in the fact that many many many politicians place themselves daily in the firing line – are killed and maimed and threatened and whose families are threatened and whose reputations are destroyed – for standing publicly by the same words and ideas you toss about on Facebook?

What about the soldiers who really will lay their lives on the line to defend you?

The police who are first in your line of abuse when they stand in your way – but are the first you call upon to stand between you and trouble.

The lawyers you collectively besmirch and malign whose courts and adequate representation you claim as your right when it suits you, Julian Assange.

The businesses and corporate entities whose vision and practice you abhor but whose products and services you line up to reinforce, as it suits you, with the most powerful currency of all: money.

For what purpose do we create blanket enemies from systems we ourselves create and support?

Visionaries and activists have been behind the establishment of – and are contained within – all these systems and institutions.

By damning the collective we unconsciously withdraw our support for the numerous brilliant individuals within who are peddling as fast as they can to implement the ideals our slogans demand. Imagine, if you can be bothered, what it might be to work so tirelessly in return for ceaseless, untethered abuse.

I look around me at the stone throwers, the ones who dream of an ideal world, their blind belief in small minded peace the best they have to offer – and I shudder.

Should their revolution come to pass, I don’t see a single one among them capable of leading the way. I don’t hear a single body of thought that delivers a world I want to live in. And I don’t hear anyone paying even scant attention to the most significant consideration of all:  no matter how evolved you and your friends may be, the reality is there are 6 billion of us who share your world and must share your vision in order for your vague ‘better world’ to be delivered in peace.

And then there are your own motives and actions to be examined: because the history of revolutions shows us, over and over and over again, that the oppressed, once empowered, possess and will unleash all the qualities of the oppressor.

Thus the world turns. And so another spiritual law comes to mind, the one that says: the more things change, the more they stay the same.

Why is that?

So, just for once in our small human lives, we might want to think the revolution through.

It is worth remembering that not all the courts in all the kingdoms of all the worlds have ever produced human existence free from political siege, undermining, mischief, intrigue and, ultimately, destruction. That is the essential way of humans. You disagree? Vehemently, I imagine. Then run your mind past this one – most of us aren’t even able to manage disagreement in our families or small collectives of shared vision, let alone be entrusted with the keys to the kingdom.

Stirring up discontent with stories that catch fire is no solution to human troubles; does not help us. Nor does strewing fear to justify your world view; nor peddling propaganda dressed as right or wrong.

By creating enemies of the collective we bar ourselves from the very tools we have available to us to create the world we claim we want.

It is too easy to brew stories, linguistic trouble, in the name of peace when you have nothing to lose, not least of which is your life.

Look deeper (things are not as they seem) – what do people wear underneath their clothes?

Instead of falling prey to stories that divide our world, look deeper – peer into the realm from which you feel excluded and tease out your real issue or concern; look deeper – trade your hunger to be part of the mob for consideration of what is truly being asked from you; look deeper – instead of using your mouth as a blanket weapon ask questions: which journalist/media; which soldier/military; which politician/government?

Look deeper – who or what is the source of this information?

Look deeper – what aspects of an individual or organisation mirror your own highest values and vision; find it and speak to that.

Look beyond your prisms of personal disappointment or comfort and become aware of the agenda in play – right or wrong, appealing or otherwise, there is always always always an agenda: be sure you want to make it your own.

And wise up – build relationships, if you dare, and practice, in short, what you preach.

Because it’s not about you.

You are not the 99%, nor are they the 1%.

We are the 100%.

This is what it means to fight the good fight.

For the hand you loathe, may well be the one you must reach for to save your life.

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