Aug 222012

Last night I dreamed of an old friend, a dear friend.

Here is her Facebook photo – I was there the night it was taken, 30 years ago on an Adelaide stage . . . yes, she was in the habit of performing with her mandolin dressed like that.

In my dream, my friend and I were sitting across a table from each other, a box of coloured pens and some paper between us.

It was a still and precious moment.

My friend, who is Jewish by birth, chose her colours and scribbled all over her paper, drawing sacred lines that I knew to be Kabbalah.

Then she spread her palm flat and pressed it on the writings, which blurred like watercolour and sprang to life as a sunflower.

It was my turn.

I chose my colours and scribbled, pressed my hand flat and my watercolour shapes were women walking forward with strength and purpose.

I remembered my dream when I received a message from a friend today, inviting me to visit the holy land of Palestine/parts of which are also known to the modern world as Israel.

Half way through my response to her I recalled my dream – and screamed in recognition, the shock of quiet awakening slowly dawning in my bones.

A new fire is lit . . . and my world turns.

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  3 Responses to “SACRED TEXT”

  1. I went to see a woman earlier this year who’s gig is images (as in dreams) and Kabbalah. It’s very interesting you had this dream. this is Catherine’s website, but google dreams and Kabbalah….

    Unfortunately, i think she is going to be in Melbourne when I (we?) will be in Palestine/Israel…

    check it out

  2. I hope there is a new book here! xx

  3. hey steph. Interesting dream….I like all the bits – especially the women walking forward with strength and purpose. May you and I walk til the end of our days.
    have fun on the next leg of your adventures….sounding like the middle east?? xx

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