Sep 292017
The Soul Longs to Grow - why writing won't leave you alone until you do it

“Courage is the price that Life exacts for granting peace.” Amelia Earhart   There is a calling within you to write. You know it. You long to tend to it. You ignore it. You are not alone. In more than three years on The Write Road this I have learned: just about every human being [read more …]

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Sep 072017
The Voices in Your Head - why writing can make you brave

“The longing is the path.” Anna Davidovich   There’s nothing like a long walk to get to know the voices in your head. It’s hilarious really . . . until you realise those voices are shaping every moment of every day of your life. Some years ago, I walked across Italy and through the Balkans. [read more …]

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Mar 212016
GIRT BY SEA - #sortitoutaustralia

I am channel surfing on a Saturday night when I linger on images and footage of the Australia of my childhood. Laughing blonde people at the beach, frolicking in their ancient swimwear, throwing beach balls against a backdrop of Sydney Harbour. Australians in innocence. Playing with free-living days. Loving the waves and the sunshine and [read more …]

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Mar 172016
THE NEW YORKER: Collision with an ancient kingdom

There is a quality of person who walks our Earth that can only be properly described as a New Yorker. He – for he is surely a he – is not the brash cab driver of times past, nor the wise crackin’ nanny from Queens (who is surely a she). This ‘he’, this man, stands for [read more …]

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Apr 212014
The Sunflower Project

Australia’s political solutions to the asylum seeker ‘problem’ are despicable. On this not enough of us agree, but we have mass enough that we ought to be able to make a difference. We march in the streets, we light candles, we share on Facebook, we sign petitions, we express our dismay when this or that [read more …]

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Apr 082014
Desert Days

We never set out for Innamincka. But there we were, 2000 kms from home on the last day of the school holidays: dusty, dirty and delirious around a campfire as the sun set over Coopers Creek. Ours was a spontaneous adventure, a road trip from the Gold Coast to Darwin, a caravan led by women [read more …]

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Mar 302014
Great Ocean Walk - walking the wild

Where to stop Do you need a map? Logistics – where to stay and how to get to and from the track Is the GOW difficult? The PDF GOW: the forest’s own voice It’s not easy to find information about the Great Ocean Walk, the 106 km track that hugs Australia’s southern coastline known to [read more …]

Feb 132014
The Beautiful Mountain

Something precious has been returned to me – and I hadn’t noticed it was missing. And with the finding come tears for a safe world, an honest world, a world I trusted with no thought for trust, long forgotten, decades past. I first met Diane in our second-last year of primary school. I have no [read more …]

Feb 052014
Great news! Dreamers are losers

I have just driven a very long way through outback Australia, to walk through a gorge that was flooded when I got there. I learned three things on my journey west. 1. dreamers are losers 2. I am a dreamer 3. humans fail – this is the purpose of being human. Number 2 is significant [read more …]

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