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Apr 212014
The Sunflower Project

Australia’s political solutions to the asylum seeker ‘problem’ are despicable. On this not enough of us agree, but we have mass enough that we ought to be able to make a difference. We march in the streets, we light candles, we share on Facebook, we sign petitions, we express our dismay when this or that [read more ...]

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Feb 232014
Honour thy mother and thy father - the West's big mistake

Years and years ago I watch a vox pop on SBS television. I don’t usually have time for vox pops (those simplistic interviews that ask people on the street what they think about a specific question – and then give them 10 seconds to shape public policy). This one, I never forgotten. The question (boring, [read more ...]

Feb 132014
The Beautiful Mountain

Something precious has been returned to me – and I hadn’t noticed it was missing. And with the finding come tears for a safe world, an honest world, a world I trusted with no thought for trust, long forgotten, decades past. I first met Diane in our second-last year of primary school. I have no [read more ...]

Feb 042014
Corporate activism vs real change

Art changes the world – and, with the exception of voices that are truly radically almost brainlessly sane, only art. Is there a finer example of this than Peter Dombrovskis’ photograph of the Franklin River, which mobilised an entire nation, brought down a government and preserved an iconic wilderness. No Dams was one of the [read more ...]

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Dec 232013
The Sound of One Heart Breaking

My friend has torn up the house. I have offended his righteous sense of place in his private universe. In truth I trod no path with him that we had not travelled before – yet this time I tripped a hair trigger of emotional chaos I had no idea rumbled beneath the surface of his [read more ...]

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Dec 032013

For human beings, truth is a shadow. It is the underside of the leaves playing in the light. It is the coals that warm the fire and burn the flesh. It is the path that humours no choice. It is benign and terrible and when it can no longer be contained, it is the earthquake, [read more ...]

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Nov 302013
TRUST: IT'S NOT JUST ABOUT 'THEM': No Fibs 2013 election coverage

The other day a smart, savvy, engaged woman I know told me she plans to vote informal on September 7 – her decision has as much to do with media coverage as it does with politics. In short: ” Can’t bring myself to vote for Tony Abbott, can’t forgive Kevin Rudd his asylum seeker policy, [read more ...]

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Jul 112013

I am exceptionally hard on myself. Astrologers have told me this, psychics have told me this. The message is always the same: there is no need to be so hard on yourself. Yet I am unforgiving, just the same. Relentless in my evaluation of self, just the same. Merciless in my attacks, just the same. [read more ...]

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