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Sep 262012

There is a point in every day where the tide of human affairs recedes, when streets empty, stores close and people retreat, as light itself withdraws from the world. It is the point where once-mothers sit alone in big houses, that ought to be filled with the voices of children demanding dinner and needing baths, [read more …]

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Aug 252012

Why is it so difficult to believe men we love and/or admire are capable of sexual misconduct? This question has plagued our world forever – and continues to do so. When otherwise good men are found guilty of sexual misconduct/assault/rape we too often hear people blather ‘but he was so nice!’ Reality check – we [read more …]

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Aug 142012

Every human being is born with a longing in their heart so great, that to honour it would cause a revolution. That longing, denied, at best results in disagreeable tension, sour distress; at worst leads to closed and bitter lives prone to telling others what to do, and reinforcing other bitter hearts; in short, either [read more …]

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Aug 082012

We live in times that give megaphone voices to haters. Fascinatingly, to me, many many many of these people would not see themselves as negative forces; rather, they count themselves among campaigners for world peace, as champions of spiritual values, as lovers of harmony, beauty, goodwill, and capital L Love. Yet these same people create [read more …]

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