Mystic Encounters

Sep 302012

I am a child; I am standing in the corner of the courtyard; it is dark; I am leaning into the shadow cast by one of two dozen stone columns; my eyes cast upwards; I am watching. I am watching the window above and across the courtyard . . . . . . for whom [read more …]

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Sep 292012

What is tourism but a gathering of selves from the dust of time? The pyramids. Uluru. Machu Picchu. Stonehenge. Places of attraction on Planet Earth that draw thousands daily and millions annually . . . for what, if not to awaken memories cast in stone, tune into vibrations of times past, steady modern lives with [read more …]

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Aug 222012

Last night I dreamed of an old friend, a dear friend. Here is her Facebook photo – I was there the night it was taken, 30 years ago on an Adelaide stage . . . yes, she was in the habit of performing with her mandolin dressed like that. In my dream, my friend and [read more …]

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Jul 292012
Pilgrim Heart Whistlestop Book Tour:  SYDNEY WOLFE COHEN

There is a quality of person that walks our Earth that can only be properly described as a New Yorker. He – for he is surely a he – is not the brash cab driver of times past, nor the wise crackin’ nanny from Queens (who is surely a she). This ‘he’, this man, stands [read more …]

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Jun 292012
Pilgrim Heart Whistlestop Book Tour: CROW

I have learned to pay attention to the crow. I do not pretend to know who she is and what she stands for – or even what she is telling me (being human and somewhat prone to storytelling). What I do know is that crow stands for me. Watches over, me. Speaks to the soul, [read more …]

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Feb 072012
The Green Heart

This column is dedicated to encounters with the universal creative force some call God; to conversations with a universe that talks in symbols. The Green Heart Story   Many, many years ago, soon after my children had both left home, I was completely at a loss as to what to do with my life. We [read more …]

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