Mar 212016
GIRT BY SEA - #sortitoutaustralia

I am channel surfing on a Saturday night when I linger on images and footage of the Australia of my childhood. Laughing blonde people at the beach, frolicking in their ancient swimwear, throwing beach balls against a backdrop of Sydney Harbour. Australians in innocence. Playing with free-living days. Loving the waves and the sunshine and [read more …]

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Apr 212014
The Sunflower Project

Australia’s political solutions to the asylum seeker ‘problem’ are despicable. On this not enough of us agree, but we have mass enough that we ought to be able to make a difference. We march in the streets, we light candles, we share on Facebook, we sign petitions, we express our dismay when this or that [read more …]

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Nov 302013
TRUST: IT'S NOT JUST ABOUT 'THEM': No Fibs 2013 election coverage

The other day a smart, savvy, engaged woman I know told me she plans to vote informal on September 7 – her decision has as much to do with media coverage as it does with politics. In short: ” Can’t bring myself to vote for Tony Abbott, can’t forgive Kevin Rudd his asylum seeker policy, [read more …]

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Aug 252012

Why is it so difficult to believe men we love and/or admire are capable of sexual misconduct? This question has plagued our world forever – and continues to do so. When otherwise good men are found guilty of sexual misconduct/assault/rape we too often hear people blather ‘but he was so nice!’ Reality check – we [read more …]

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Aug 222012

Last night I dreamed of an old friend, a dear friend. Here is her Facebook photo – I was there the night it was taken, 30 years ago on an Adelaide stage . . . yes, she was in the habit of performing with her mandolin dressed like that. In my dream, my friend and [read more …]

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Aug 082012

We live in times that give megaphone voices to haters. Fascinatingly, to me, many many many of these people would not see themselves as negative forces; rather, they count themselves among campaigners for world peace, as champions of spiritual values, as lovers of harmony, beauty, goodwill, and capital L Love. Yet these same people create [read more …]

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Jul 282012

The flame is coming! It’s been running all over Great Britain for months now, several thousands of miles and thousands more waving citizens, and today, on Olympic opening ceremony day, the Olympic torch is coming my way. Up the Thames. On a barge. Up the Thames on the Royal barge to the Tower Bridge, where [read more …]

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