May 202012
Pilgrim Heart Whistlestop Book Tour:  FEASTS

HAIL! the great salmon who laid down their lives for the South Carolina Book Festival literary launch. As fabulously wonderful as our new friends were, and entertaining the good company surrounding us, I’m sorry I didn’t photograph the feast. There is a lot to be said for Southern Hospitality. The salmon were pride of the [read more …]

May 172012
Pilgrim Heart Whistlestop Book Tour Day 25

AUGUSTA SNAPSHOTS   I have American fans. Meet the Talk the Talk Ladies Book Club from Augusta, Georgia. They have been blogging my book: lively, engaging, challenging online conversation. chocolateamethyst, their leader, said last night, when she introduced me to the crowd at the Augusta library – they have been sharing my journey so SERIOUSLY [read more …]

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May 112012
Pilgrim Heart Whistlestop Book Tour Day 19

ROTARY & CARL, AUGUSTA, GA   When Carl Thornton Jr, one of the most intelligent radio interviewers whose microphone I’ve had the pleasure of gracing with my breath, asked me about obligation today – and what I meant by that in my book – I knew I was on thin Georgian ice. I answered by [read more …]

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