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Mar 212016
GIRT BY SEA - #sortitoutaustralia

I am channel surfing on a Saturday night when I linger on images and footage of the Australia of my childhood. Laughing blonde people at the beach, frolicking in their ancient swimwear, throwing beach balls against a backdrop of Sydney Harbour. Australians in innocence. Playing with free-living days. Loving the waves and the sunshine and [read more …]

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Aug 222012

Last night I dreamed of an old friend, a dear friend. Here is her Facebook photo – I was there the night it was taken, 30 years ago on an Adelaide stage . . . yes, she was in the habit of performing with her mandolin dressed like that. In my dream, my friend and [read more …]

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Aug 142012

Every human being is born with a longing in their heart so great, that to honour it would cause a revolution. That longing, denied, at best results in disagreeable tension, sour distress; at worst leads to closed and bitter lives prone to telling others what to do, and reinforcing other bitter hearts; in short, either [read more …]

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Aug 102012

One of the best books I have ever read, one of only two I have read more than once, is Sharon Penman’s historical novel about the submission of Wales to the English:  Here Be Dragons. I loved this book so much, that when I finished it I lay in bed staring at the ceiling for [read more …]

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Jul 132012
AS A WOMAN . . .

Apparently, the world has been caught in a media storm while I’ve been resting in the peace of Grand Canyon; pictures surfacing of a crowd of Taliban men cheering the execution of a young woman who may or may not have been involved with either or both of her executioners. Before we elevate our holy [read more …]

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Jun 132012

There is a quality of post that circles the internet with regular glee, post that whips up disenfranchised sentiment like a curly meringue and relies on two things for its longevity: * disempowerment * human hunger for an enemy. Put simply, such posts peddle conspiracies and always always always result in division: them and us. [read more …]

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