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In April 2012, I flew to the USA for a three-month book tour I dubbed The Pilgrim Heart Whistlestop Book Tour – so named for the train journey that rattled me right around the edge, north south east west, from LA to San Diego along the Mexican border to El Paso to New Orleans, then up the east coast via Jackson Mississippi to New York City, where it was my great privilege to sign books at Book Expo America, then north to Boston and along the top edge to Seattle before heading south again to LA via San Francisco. These blogs are the tales of this journey.

Jul 292012
Pilgrim Heart Whistlestop Book Tour:  SYDNEY WOLFE COHEN

There is a quality of person that walks our Earth that can only be properly described as a New Yorker. He – for he is surely a he – is not the brash cab driver of times past, nor the wise crackin’ nanny from Queens (who is surely a she). This ‘he’, this man, stands [read more …]

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Jul 132012
AS A WOMAN . . .

Apparently, the world has been caught in a media storm while I’ve been resting in the peace of Grand Canyon; pictures surfacing of a crowd of Taliban men cheering the execution of a young woman who may or may not have been involved with either or both of her executioners. Before we elevate our holy [read more …]

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