USA 2012

In April 2012, I flew to the USA for a three-month book tour I dubbed The Pilgrim Heart Whistlestop Book Tour – so named for the train journey that rattled me right around the edge, north south east west, from LA to San Diego along the Mexican border to El Paso to New Orleans, then up the east coast via Jackson Mississippi to New York City, where it was my great privilege to sign books at Book Expo America, then north to Boston and along the top edge to Seattle before heading south again to LA via San Francisco. These blogs are the tales of this journey.

Jun 292012
Pilgrim Heart Whistlestop Book Tour: CROW

I have learned to pay attention to the crow. I do not pretend to know who she is and what she stands for – or even what she is telling me (being human and somewhat prone to storytelling). What I do know is that crow stands for me. Watches over, me. Speaks to the soul, [read more …]

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Jun 272012

It is Day 25 of El Camino. What this means is we have been walking for 25 days. We have been putting one foot in front of the other, up over the Pyrenees from St Jean Pied du Port, following little yellow arrows across Spain’s northern interior . . . for 25 days. The novelty [read more …]

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Jun 272012

One of the first questions women ask when they learn I have traveled in the Middle East is ‘were you safe?’ It is my deepest pleasure to inform them (mainly because I adore irony) that not only was I safe in Syria and in Palestine, but among the men of the Arabic world I received [read more …]

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Jun 262012
Pilgrim Heart Whistlestop Book Tour: SHOPPING USA

For the stranger to the United States of America, shopping has many bizarre moments. And I should say at the outset I do not shop for treasures, there is no point when one has a) no home in which to store them and b) a suitcase already heavy-enough containing everything she needs. My shopping experiences [read more …]

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Jun 202012
Pilgrim Heart Whistlestop Book Tour: HEAT

This morning I walked to the Whole Foods Market in my neighbourhood (OMG there’s a WFM in my neighbourhood!). That is neighbourhood relatively speaking. It’s about six miles away. And I decided to walk for two reasons: 1. I don’t have any other choice, and 2. if I walk I have to carry everything back [read more …]

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Jun 202012
Pilgrim Heart Whistlestop Book Tour: HEMINGWAY

I’m walking home from the Lake Bar in Oak Park, enjoying the evening tide – kids running in the park, frazzled parents getting home for supper. I’m surprised to find myself in a leafy green neighbourhood among big houses. Surprised, because, among the soot and grime of this functional industrial city I’d been wondering where [read more …]

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