New York City Chronicles

Mar 242012
NYC Chronicles: Dusk: the soul of the city

22 June 2011 Dusk: the Soul of the City It’s over. I could weep. And I did last night, soft sudden sobs in the privacy of the Beacon Theatre, surrounded by kd lang and a few thousand New Yorkers. Probably because being with kd was like hangin’ out with an old friend. We’ve traveled together [read more …]

Mar 242012
NYC Chronicles: A toast

18 June 2011 A toast Here’s Keira, the woman from Katoomba in the Blue Mountains who said she was going to New York to find a partner for her brilliant digital publishing idea – and it is a brilliant digital publishing idea – prompting me to say ‘fantastic, I’m coming to New York too!’ Here [read more …]

Mar 242012
NYC Chronicles: Acts of Love

16 June 2011   Acts of love   Coney Island. Iconic Coney Island. We’ve all been there in our imaginations, via the books and movies and creative expressions of others. nd it’s exactly like you’d expect. Only smaller. I stopped and asked a souvenir man for a map. He looked at me incredulous. ‘Wha’dya need [read more …]

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Mar 242012
NYC Chronicles: We the people

15 June 2011 We the people There are six elements you need to build a railroad: Fire. Water. Electricity. Farm. Imagination. Freedom. True story, there’s a statue dedicated to every single one outside glorious Union Station in Washington DC. I saw several things today I never expected to see – not just today but in [read more …]

Mar 242012
NYC Chronicles: Guess!

11 June 2011   Guess!   Guess, guess, guess who lives at the top of those steps? Guess who used to live at the top of those steps, I should say. C’moooooooonnnnn, Sex and the City fans 🙂 It’s Carrie Bradshaw’s house! Can you imagine. I felt a bit stupid having my photo taken outside. I was [read more …]