Coaching & Training

There’s no use trying,” said Alice, “one can’t believe impossible things.”
“I daresay you haven’t had much practice,” said the Queen. “Why, sometimes I’ve believed in as many as six impossible things before breakfast.

Lewis Carroll

Stephanie Dale New YorkWriting, publishing and media are interlocking disciplines – it all depends on where you are in your industrio-creative* cycle!

Based on 25 years’ experience in writing, publishing and media, Stephanie Dale offers a range of coaching and training services, for groups and individuals.

Whether you want to begin writing or brainstorm ideas for structuring your work, learn how to write a great media release, run a media campaign, get advice on approaching publishers or agents – or be coached on pitching your ideas or manuscripts – with 15 years in Australian newsrooms and two published books under her belt – including one published in the US, Stephanie has the practical experience you’re looking for to achieve the results you want.

Your life is in your hands. So is your vision, your mission, your purpose and your inspiration.


* nice word, huh?

*   getting started with writing
*   finding the courage to write
*   the song of your soul
*   overcoming writer’s block
*   planning your book/s
*   structuring your manuscript
*   adventure writing coaching
*   writing speeches
*   autobiography/memoir
*   non-fiction
*   self publish or not to self publish?
*   finding a publisher
*   pitching your manuscript
*   print or ebook?
*   make a marketing plan before you publish
*   promotion for self published authors
*   building a social media presence
*   getting to know your audience
*   how to get an ISBN
*   finding the right editor
*   your self publishing budget
*   defining your message
*   selling your message
*   building your public profile
*   making the media work for you
*   telling your story, your way
*   writing a great media release
*   be a successful spokesperson
*   establishing a political career
*   citizen journalism training
*   entrepreneurial projects a specialty
Stephanie Dale is a firecracker! She certainly lit a fire under me! She helped me to realize my dream – streamlining my business and taking my book to new & profitable heights. Stephanie shifted my small town thinking to global thinking. This savvy woman’s practical, focused and straightforward training & advice inspired me to immediate action. She uncovered thinking that was holding me back and set me on the path that best serves my vision.

Patt Gregory, founder, Woodwork for Women