Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.

George Bernard Shaw


Your life is in your hands.
So is your vision, your mission, your purpose and your inspiration.


As any pilgrim of the road will tell you, your destination is at best a futuristic possibility – and it is not your business. Your business, your true focus, the only trick that will get you ‘there’, is the one beneath your feet, right here, right now.

At some point you have to start and from there, at every single point along the way, you have to keep going.

You can only get there from here.


Lesson 1 of the pilgrim’s path:  Keep going
Lesson 2 of the pilgrim’s path:  This too will pass.


Using the lessons of pilgrimage, I can assist you to uncover / discover / unearth / recover your life’s creative impulse and expression.

This is not a luxury – it is your obligation and your birthright.

You were born to create.

During two very long pilgrimages totally more than 2000 miles, I coded into my body the discipline, focus, commitment, mercy, gratitude, celebration and tenacity necessary to create a life I love and be true to my soul’s vision.

My commitment to myself is ‘no outstanding business’.

This means no wishing, no wanting, no ifs buts maybes or shoulds.

Wishing is hiding; it is a lament to life.

When you stop wishing, and surrender the lament, two things happen:

1. you get honest
2. you get brave.
The longing is the path.


My consultancy skills with names include media, self promotion, speechwriting, self publishing. I can help you with all this.

And then there’s this kind of kick-arse gift that enables me to see your not just your talent, but your greatest longing – and then assist you to ground it, to reproduce it outside your wishing mind and make it real.


Every human being is born with a longing in their heart so deep, that to take action would change everything, for everyone, for all time.
That longing is a revolution.





“You are amazing, just amazing. That is an absolutely stunning piece of promotion you’ve helped me create. Thank you. Thank you so much.”
Ursula Dutkiewicz, ceramic artist