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Stephanie Dale media coverageNews and online media are powerful forces for getting your ideas and opinions heard. The following tips are important for anyone who wants to write a great media release to promote their ideas, business, group or organisation in mainstream media – as well as anyone who wants to be a credible citizen journalist.

In order to be a successful media operator, it’s vital that you understand, respect and recognise the importance of the following basic principles:

* there is a difference between fact and opinion

everyone has an agenda (This is neither a positive or negative statement. It’s vital you are aware of the subtle – or not so subtle – influences on your work.)

accuracy is fundamental to your credibility and your reputation

assumptions are the greatest danger to your reporting/media strategy

* newsrooms have a presentation ‘style’ – copy it!

For basic training on each of the above, click on the live links.

As well, it is essential citizen journalists learn how to structure a news story – the same principles apply to media releases! – and be discerning when broadcasting on Twitter.

If you want to develop respectful relationships with your local newsroom, or become an influential citizen journalist, it’s a good idea to read the MEAA code of ethics.

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