Stephanie Dale, signing books at Book Expo America, 2012

Stephanie Dale, signing books at Book Expo America, New York City, 2012

In the modern world of the 21st century, there are numerous publishing options available to authors.

These range from mainstream publishing to independent publishing to vanity publishing (you pay, they publish), and include hard copy books and digital books distributed in a range of evolving formats.

What’s involved? And which option is the right one for you?

Independent authors write the book, publish the book, promote the book and sell the book.

Mainstream publishers take care of some of these things for you – but not everything.

All options have their advantages – and their price.

Stephanie Dale has independently published two books. In 2011, she traveled to the US to find a mainstream book publisher and the following year she launched the US edition of her travel memoir My Pilgrim’s Heart and undertook a three month US book tour.

That same year, her novel Hymn for the Wounded Man won the Independent Publishers Book Awards for Best Fiction (Australia/NZ). Coincidentally, she was in New York City to collect her award.

Stephanie doesn’t have all the publishing answers but she has traveled a long way down this path. The lamp is lit.