Soul of the City Project



To track the soul of Planet Earth’s great cities: their light and their shadows, their loves and their longings.

To give the vibration of this soul a name and illuminate it for all the people of the world.

To fall in love with ourselves, as human beings.

Cities are places of convergence. We run to them in times of trouble. We stay regardless.

They are our meeting point, by accident or design.

They are human habitats and as such repositories of the human story: in museums, libraries, universities and gardens.

Cities are magnets. They are alluring. They are a siren call to the human spirit, like mermaids to a shipwrecked sailor, and with curious intent we are drawn to travel, from near and far, if for no other reason than to pay homage to the city. Not tourists, pilgrims.

The fascinating thing about cities is this: they are collective energy. Take any single individual out of the city and the city remains the same. Take any single individual out of the city and deposit them elsewhere and that individual no longer holds the frequency of the city; at best, they are a weak signal.

This frequency is the Soul of the city.

It’s not Planet Earth that needs saving – it’s us.

The Earth our home has been around for something like 5 billion years.

She has survived ice ages and other catastrophes.

It is utter arrogance on our part to presume we can destroy her.

LOVE OURSELVES and we will restore health to our home.

Shift our focus from what’s wrong to what’s beautiful and we will restore well-being to Planet Earth.

Forgive ourselves our humanness and celebrate the wonder of the human spirit.

Fall in love with ourselves, as human beings . . . and watch everything else fall into place.

Soul of the City is a project looking for a captain.
If you feel inspired to lead this project, contact me here.


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