Well if we were presenting an award to this woman it would go something like this . . . please put your hands together for mother, grandmother, vegetarian, radical feminist, free spirited, inspiring and highly engaging award-winning author Stephanie Dale.

Melinda Blair Paterson, artist & blogger

“Stephanie Dale’s inspirational insights into the human condition are honest, incisive and expressed with real love.  Her own journey in particular is one which will motivate her audience to action.  Her creative use of terminology is instantly refreshing and brings uplifting hope to those who have the privilege of listening to her speak.  Warning: attending her talks or reading her books can be life changing!”  – John Dahlsen, artist, 2012

“Stephanie Dale was the keynote speaker at the inaugural Festival of Independent Writers and Publishers on the Gold Coast in 2011.  The festival was a great success and this was due in no small part to the excellent talk which Stephanie delivered. I have heard Stephanie speak on numerous occasions and she always manages to connect with her audience while providing useful and inspiring information. Someone you wouldn’t want to miss!” – Kathleen Stewart, organiser Festival of Independent Writers & Publishers 

Stephanie Dale’s charismatic warmth delivers a cascade of energy that inspires and uplifts. Her soft femininity camouflages her strength – but only at first. The power of her words will immediately captivate as she wraps you up in her story, leads her audience to the edge – and then matter of factly invites them to jump. She is a lead lemming: compelling, engaging and captivating, all the while paying sharp attention to reality and rationality. Stephanie is a great speaker and an excellent listener, two qualities rarely found in the one person.” – Patt Gregory, author and founder of Woodwork for Women

Since publishing my books, I have often been called upon to speak at public gatherings and private events.

Emerging from My Pilgrim’s Heart, I have what I’ve come to call ‘the three themes’, all of which are underpinned by one vital principle: that answering the longing in your heart that is calling you to claim your creativity – to write or paint or travel or play music – is not a luxury:  it is an obligation, as well as your birthright.

Here, in the unrestrained expression of your own creativity, you will find Love’s wild promise.

For information on speaking events see below – and I am quite willing to speak on requested topics.

‘Stephanie Dale is a wonderful speaker.  Her presentations are well-prepared and superbly crafted, highly intelligent, interesting and amusing.  She is a master speaker with topical and insightful messages.’ Dr. Swan Montague, M.A. Spiritual Philosophy, Ph.D. Metaphysics, author.

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The Three Themes

The pilgrimage with my son – walking across Italy, through the Balkans and into the Middle East – gave me three great gifts:

  • it taught me how to hold my center, regardless of the demands anyone else may feel entitled to impose on me
  • it matured me as a mother
  • by facing down the stories that swirled unconsciously in my mind, it taught me to be brave.
1. Women, undefined by the masculine

Women tell me My Pilgrim’s Heart identifies subtle, often invisible dynamics in marriage that shape their lives and cause immense distress. I get a lot of feedback from readers who are grateful for the book because it names these dynamics.

Boiled down to their core, these dynamics lead to an impossibly gargantuan and liberating question:

Who are we, as women, undefined by the masculine?

And where the hell did we get the idea that women owe men sex?

Women can recover their senses – and their center.

Here’s why you owe it to your daughters – and your sons – to claim the life you were born to live, undefined by the demands of others.

To my great delight, it was the men of the Arab world who taught me this.

Let’s find out!

2. Crossing the burning desert sands – the road to maturity

Is an adult child an adult – or a child?

Not only do we need a new word for adult children, we need a public conversation about growing up as parents.

I didn’t understand the depth of this concept until I was lost in a biblical desert with my adult son – and in one night I overcame all my guilt, all my insecurities and every ounce of preciousness I carried in my heart as a mother.

In 2007, I walked a thousand miles with Ben across Italy, through the Balkans and into the Middle East. I followed him through ancient and often war-torn countries, traversing landscapes I would never have visited if not for his leadership. In hindsight, I realise this is an uncommon journey to for a mother to share with her adult son and my travel memoir My Pilgrim’s Heart documents our adventures.

It wasn’t until we were lost in that desert without water (it sounds dramatic, but it was only ever going to be for the night), that I had a showdown with myself that changed forever my relationship as a mother to my son.

During that long night, lying on stony ground while gunshots split the darkness from a distant hill, I matured as a mother. And my son and I became adults in relation to each other.

I had not known this maturing was needed or even possible until the alchemy of the process had its way with me. This maturing gave me a measure for my relationship with my daughter, and I often wondered where and when we might find our burning desert sands.

We have done so, and I am now the mother of an adult son and an adult daughter. And they, to my great satisfaction, have an adult mother.

This seminar explores adult parenting – as well as writing publicly about family – and will impact positively on all the relationships that inform your life.

Exploring adult parenting – the unspoken rite of passage

3. Getting brave

My Pilgrim’s Heart ignites the kinds of conversations we need to be having at this point in the human story. Conversations about obligation, conversations about maturity, conversations about fear. And we need to be having these conversations not only with others – but with ourselves.

Unconscious voices in our head tell us stories about strangers, usually unchecked and almost always with disastrous effects on people’s lives – including our own.

There is enormous personal value in confronting these stories, rather than allowing them to shape or govern or limit our lives.

 You have a life – are you willing to claim it?


Other Presentations


FLYING SOLO: one woman’s publishing journey

What are you willing to give up in order to have everything you most desire?

I didn’t want to die wondering.

In 2004 I sold everything I owned so I was free to write and travel, and free to live a creative life unburdened by financial obligations or the old stories that filled my home via precious gifts and mementos.

I’m surprised how often people say to me ‘I could never sell everything, it would terrify me’ – and then proceed to tell me how much they envy me.

Conversations such as this one inspire me to share my experiences, to lead others on a journey of surrender and show them that far from being the frightening path, surrendering what you want to what life wants from you is the sanest thing you can possibly do.

When you have nothing, there is nothing to lose.
I cannot begin to describe how liberating that is.

That journey led me to the publication of two books, and from there to myriad events, engagements and international book tours!

After I’d written two manuscripts I didn’t want to wait around for someone important in the publishing industry to give me permission to publish them. So I published them myself.

This seminar will teach you everything you need to know about the solo publishing journey – everything. Because I flew blind solo over this landscape and I can landmark for you every bruising bump and challenge and reward along the way.

This event can be two hours long or two days long, depending on the needs of your event and/or participants.


WHAT’S YOUR REVOLUTION: here’s mine, what’s yours?

Everyone has a revolution inside them, something their heart is longing to express – perhaps even dying to express.

This heartening, surprising event encourages people to know their own heart – and to honor their revolution!


BEYOND ENTITLEMENT: the infectious sickness that is driving our 21st century world and how surrendering to your rightful place in the wild universe will lead you to your heart’s desire

Those of us born to privilege – and that is just about all of us in the West – live in a world of Entitlement.

Most of us have little idea how the subtle, invisible threads of entitlement encloak everything we say and think and do, from our way of life to our secret heart’s desires – and that includes just about everyone both inside and outside the mainstream political elite (yes, you).

Entitlement –humans over nature, men over women, West over East and white above all else.

Here is our inheritance, here is our genetic coding.

It is an ultimate act of consciousness to choose awareness about the dynamics of entitlement, dynamics that shape every single relationship we have.

Staring down entitlement is like dancing with shadows – it is a supreme act of courage – and the resulting wisdom will change everything, for you and everyone else, for all time.

For without this consciousness, regardless of your thoughts, beliefs, actions or opinions, the hard reality is you will change nothing.

Planet Earth needs you.

We need you – we need each other – beyond our sense of entitlement.