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15 June 2011

Natural state

It’s cold in New York City today.

I was going to walk the Brooklyn Bridge a week ago, but it was too hot in the bare sun. Today, quite spontaneously, after posting off my last press pack to a publisher at the Fedex office, I decided to walk to Manhattan.

And half way across the bridge it started to rain.

Walking. I was walking. I crossed the bridge and just walked, my old self, still limping but walking as if walking is no obstacle.

I wandered along the streets of an old city, a parade of cobbled stones and magnificent buildings from another time.

It’s the fire station!

I walked and I walked, the neighbourhoods changing like countries without border crossings.

The steady rain. The big traffic. Walking the streets. No idea where I am. I must be on pilgrimage!

I think it’s my natural state.

I am on the home run in New York City. Today is my last Wednesday. I think I will spend it, like pennies on the run, at Coney Island. I will catch the subway to the beach.

In the rain.

Posting off my last press pack – a collection of clippings and promotional materials that demonstrate my publishing worth – was a milestone. My mission is complete. I have sown all the seeds I have to sow.

So far the following have sprouted:

1 x small publisher in Georgia

1 x small-medium publisher in Massachussets

1 x medium publisher in Illinois

1 x big agent in NYC who retrieved me from her spam folder and let me know she’ll be in touch, probably July.

I’m nodding. Not a bad effort. And there are several seeds that might yet surprise.

I have done all I can do with the resources I have. It’s time to smile and start pulling myself together, rein in the longings and the spirits, and make ready for the southbound run.

Although the other day I did see a rock shaped like an arrow that seemed to be pointing me north.




My natural state.



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