Aug 142012

Every human being is born with a longing in their heart so great, that to honour it would cause a revolution.

That longing, denied, at best results in disagreeable tension, sour distress; at worst leads to closed and bitter lives prone to telling others what to do, and reinforcing other bitter hearts; in short, either way, tumbling death for the spirit.

Expressed, that longing is a revolution, a burning creative force that allows for all the truths of others, and changes everything, for everyone, for all time.

What’s your revolution?

Of all the choices available to me, as a woman of privilege on this Earth at this time, here is what matters most:

  • For us to fall in love with ourselves as human beings
  • A true home for the animals
  • The establishment of a Creative Sabbath.

Last year, I worked in the office of Australia’s first female attorney general, the leonine Nicola Roxon. During my time there, the office was swamped by two issues – asylum seekers and live export of cattle.

It’s not just me! Despite appearances, fuelled by myths we peddle about ourselves, we do care!

We care deeply.

We live in times that give pride of political place to a concept we call ‘human rights’.

Noble as they are, these are legal rights – they are standards we set in place as a way of ensuring we play nice.

In truth, we inherit just four rights when we arrive on this good Earth:

  • The right to air.
  • The right to water.
  • The right to land from which to source our food.
  • And the right to creative expression – for this is our purpose for our time here on Earth.

We have an obligation – to ourselves and to humanity – to deliver on our creative longing.

It is not up to you to judge whether or not your creative endeavours are worthy of the light. And certainly we have no business ridiculing the creative offerings of others.

A century ago we fought hard for a weekend to honour the spiritual and family needs of workers. We have since surrendered our small weekend to the demands of the modern industrial world.

It is time to reintroduce time out – this time in honour of our creative spirits.

Therefore I declare open season on creative denial!

And call for the establishment of a Creative Sabbath.

This is my revolution.




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