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There is a quality of post that circles the internet with regular glee, post that whips up disenfranchised sentiment like a curly meringue and relies on two things for its longevity:

* disempowerment

* human hunger for an enemy.

Put simply, such posts peddle conspiracies and always always always result in division: them and us. Typically, the language of such posts is blather – the kind of pub talk one might expect late in the evening when beer sloshes stain the table, common sense has left with the late hour and everyone’s pissed off because they’re outside smoking cigarettes.

These posts tell you about your ‘rights’ and how, typically, government and lawyers are abusing them. These posts always ensure you get the message that you are  purposefully kept in the dark and that ‘no-one can save you but (the righteous one who has penned the post)’.

Folks, let’s stop a moment and have a look at one in particular that crossed my Facebook path recently – I’m not going to validate the information further by posting a link but here is an extract:

In fact, the main reason we’re losing so many of our rights these days is precisely because so few know their #1 Right!
That’s right! (No pun intended.)
Ask yourself this, “What good are “rights” that can’t be enforced?”
Your #1 Right is the right to know how to enforce your rights!
Yet, government isn’t telling you!
Your tax-supported schools aren’t teaching your children.
Lawyers certainly aren’t leaking their money-making secrets to the public.

Now, a quick background check on the author of this post revealed two things:

1. he is a lawyer

2. he is building an empire by selling DIY legal courses to those who have a) a desperate need for entitlement, and/or b) a desperate need for legal assistance.

Marketing 101 – be provocative. Zero in on people’s vulnerabilities. Rally them to action. Offer to save them. And count (all the way to the bank) on their disempowerment.

Yay! Another mad man leading a revolution. Yay! Another barely clad emperor maxing out on ignorant, self-serving comment to reinforce an innate human need to be ‘right’ – and therefore belong to ‘the right’ tribe (and thus make an enemy of others). Yay! Another Bible-thumper dressed as a messiah (personally I would have thought this reason enough to be aware, be very aware).

And those who support the post use words like ‘sovereignty’ and ‘awakening’ to peddle their association with this new tribe – and you too can belong to if only you believe in an enemy, enough.

This man – like a zillion others using the same tactics, and they do in fact have their gender in common – is peddling fear dressed as righteous propaganda.

Here is a modern reality I’d like us to consider – we live in a cyber democracy.

Every time you click, you vote.

Extreme views taken on face value – without pause for a quick google to find out who is zeroing in on your vulnerabilities – are the real risk not just to your ‘rights’ but to peace itself on Earth.

The reality is there are three rights all creatures inherit when we arrive on this good Earth – and humans inherit a fourth:

They are:

* the right to air

* the right to water

* the right to land from which to source our food.

The fourth, specifically human, right is the right to creative expression.

These are our birthrights.

The rest of our ‘rights’ are noble intentions, legal standards we set in place to make sure we play nice with each other. And it is not by chance that in our little corner of the world – the great southern continent known the world over as Australia, here the legal foundation of our society has given us one of the most progressively organised communities on Earth.

Yes, really.

Did you know our Constitution is the only Constitution in the world voted on by the people it is designed to represent?

And did you know our Constitution is the only Constitution in the world whose people must vote to change it?

For all their faults, a century of Australian governments have stood for it and and been bound by it. We also have a courageous current government, by the way, that is tackling head on the global mining, private health and tobacco industries – for all its perceived faults, believe it or not, this is a government we’ve been waiting for.

Blame the government and those who work in the governing elite as you please – but you might wanna be careful what you wish for when you mobilise an assault on those mostly invisible values that hold our fragile world in place.

Think Arab Spring. Think 1930s Germany. Think feudal England. We humans have natural tendencies to madness, foremost of which is the need for an enemy.

Those who went before us envisioned a fairer world in which human beings – by birthright – could be defined beyond class, beyond religion, beyond fanaticism – this nation is their gift to us.

I for one will work with what we have to fine tune the model.

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