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WINNER! 2011 Independent Publisher Book Award, Best Fiction Australia/NZ

May 13, 2011


The Wonder of Alignment

Yesterday I won an award.

A small award that’s big in little circles – and gargantuan for an antipodean with her eyes on the summit.

The award gives me a gold sticker. It’s not the Pulitzer, but it is American – and that makes me and a whole lot of people I know and don’t know laugh and smile.

Imagine, Hymn for the Wounded Man has won Best Regional Fiction for Australia/New Zealand.

The wonder of this little award is I’ll actually be in New York City to collect it – the awards ceremony is on the evening after I arrive.

This morning I woke just as the new light cleared the darkness from the sky. It’s chilly these days, particularly at that hour, so I rugged up snug and warm in my dressing gown and shawl, tiptoed out the front door and into the shadows, crunched along the gravel in the driveway, padded up a small hill and stood high on a cushion of freshly mown grass, my eyes to the golden glow of the eastern horizon.

And way up high, in the deep blue, I saw them, beaming brightly above the Earth. Though not all of them. Venus, Mercury, Mars and Jupiter all in a line. I saw three. There was a fourth, but it created a V – when according to the astronomer on the radio yesterday the planets were aligning, a straight row. An occasional event. A wonder.

I missed the main game in the heavens, it’s reality eluded me. But I knew from a trusted source, the stranger on the radio, it was on. There is what we observe and there is what is. They may or may not be the same thing.

What I observe is the chaos of my life as I prepare so many little things to make myself ready to go to New York City. What is is that I am going to New York City. I am goi

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