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11 June, 2011




Beauty, as we know they say, is in the eye of the beholder.

The other day I was standing on the streets of Manhattan looking up at a sky swirled white. And I declared to the stranger beside me ‘look at the mist draping the tips of the buildings – it’s so beautiful’.

And the stranger looked at me sideways and said ‘it’s pollution’.



There was not a heart in the crowd not uplifted by the Cirque du Soleil performance last night.

Nor by the extraordinary, stunning, overwhelming majesty of Radio City Music Hall.

What a theatre!

It was worth the price of the ticket just to ascend the staircase, to glimpse the stage, to go to the toilets for that matter.

What a tribute to glories past.

Zarkana, the new Cirque du Soleil show, was wonderful.

This we’ve come to expect, of course.

It is utterly extraordinary what can be done with light and fabric; the miracle complete with limitless imaginations and plentiful pockets.

It was an honour to chip in my 85 bucks to support the show. We need artists to illuminate our hearts, enliven our spirits! To deliver us beyond the mundane, and then lower us gently back to Earth.

Trust was on show for us last night.

Trust in self. Trust in the human beings sharing the stage. Trust in the engineers who designed and built the gear.

So too the senses – sound, sight, touch and beyond!

Sigh, it was beautiful.

These artists are lovers. They make love to the air around them, from the inside out. They surrender to the forces uplifting them and share the bounty with us all.

Catch the show in Australia if you can . . . you’ll pay twice as much for a ticket and you won’t be in Radio City Music Hall, but it’ll worth every penny, I promise.

Hey, I drank Sangria the other day. Reminded me of Lou Reed ‘ . . . it’s such a perfect day, drink Sangria in the park . . .’ Only I wasn’t in a park, I was in a Spanish bar on Second Ave with my new friend Veronica, snacking on warm marinated olives while a small band floated rumbas quietly into the night.

And I have two publishing moments of interest to report.

I had a ‘heck yeah! send it on down’  response from a publisher in Georgia – of all places!  And I’m hounding an agent who is yet to say boo to me, but whose gift is that by continuing to fire pebbles at her window from my little slingshot, I am raising the quality of my presentation to meet her impossible performing seal demands. Torturous as it is – it’s very, very good exercise.


Have I mentioned I love New York?

Spilling out of Radio City Music Hall onto the streets with thousands of happy New Yorkers in the middle of the night, the buildings masked with their nightlights, truly, there was magic in the air.

Beauty, as they say . . .

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