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11 June 2011




Guess, guess, guess who lives at the top of those steps?

Guess who used to live at the top of those steps, I should say.

C’moooooooonnnnn, Sex and the City fans 🙂

It’s Carrie Bradshaw’s house!

Can you imagine. I felt a bit stupid having my photo taken outside. I was with Gemma, an acquaintance of my sister’s. She lives in the neighbourhood. She insisted 🙂

Here’s the window through which we used to watch Carrie typing.

True story 🙂

And a block over, looking exactly the same, guess who lives there?

Sarah Jessica herself!

I didn’t photograph it 🙂

Here’s Veronica. She’s my other new friend. She scooped me up this morning and took me over to the Palisades, a great big quiet patch of Earth filled with trees that can never be developed because a Rockefeller bought it so his mum could retreat into cloisters – an old church he shipped from Europe – and have the view of the trees across the water. He donated it to the state on the proviso it never be developed.

Good lord – they say that a lot in New York, being Americanised Christians n’all. And Bless You! Everyone’s sneezing at the moment as the summer blossoms surrender their pollen to the wind, so ‘bless you’ echoes like a chorus round the streets and subways.

I digress.

What I meant to say was Good Lord! Yesterday it was raining in New York City. So instead of roaming along the High Line, a disused railway line they’ve turned into a park, I strolled through my own neighbourhood to the local flea market.

OMG, the food.

I have been looking for Maine lobster roll since a) a woman called Terri I met on the plane over told me about it and b) since I tasted it with my other new friend Gabrielle two weeks ago!

And there it was at the flea market. Toasted sesame seed roll dripping with warm butter and fresh lobster. Oh my Toto, it was delicious.

AND THEN I found fresh mozzarella slapped between fresh crusty sourdough slices dripping in olive oil and pepper.

Toto, the day just got better and better.

I sold a book! To my friend Kiera’s friend John the Oil Baron.

And I gave two away to a waitress who loved loved loved reading so much we traded favourite book lists. She didn’t know I was a writer and I returned the next day with my books – an American readership testing ground. She was delighted in the way Americans are. She hugged me. Yay book movement is about all I can say.

Here’s a funny thing. The women in Brooklyn go shopping with their dogs. No it’s funny. They gooooo shooooopping with their dogs. Into the boutiques. Into the dressing rooms. It’s sooooo cooooool. I can’t imagine how they stop them peeing on the clothes racks!

Which reminds me of a picture I saw the other day.

I’m off to Washington tomorrow, into the subway at the crack of dawn and ride on down to the capitol.

I’ve been watching West Wing in preparation 🙂