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3 June, 2011
Something funny


Hey, wanna know something funny?

The school buses here are exactly like those in The Simpsons. Whenever I see one, I see ‘my name is Otto and I love to get blotto’ at the wheel.


New Yorkers are so kind.

It is humbling to be among them. Men young and old stand for women on the bus, without hesitation. Entering the supermarket, for example, they stand back to let you pass – stepping back to hold the door even if they’re ahead of you.

‘‘Scuse me, ma’am.’

Common courtesy is alive and well and it’s beautiful to behold. It makes me nicer too.

I am again among the hobbled on the street. Limping and slow, the pinched nerve in my sciatica not helping today.

And as I waddle along like an old old lady, surrendering to the limp, I am amazed over and over how many of us there are in this world who are hobbled.

There are a lot of foot and leg and probably hip injuries getting around, no doubt many of them permanent.

Sometimes I wonder if mine is permanent . . . and I am strangely accepting. There’s something easy and gentle about going slowly because you have no choice, about being among the vulnerable and the varyingly dysfunctional.

But of course I love to walk, so this is not an option.

I’m going away for the weekend, to Saugerties. I don’t know what Saugerties is, but everyone ooos and ahhs when I tell them. Apparently it’s in the Catskills, another iconic name that is about to get meaning.

It’s actually 4.30 in the morning and I’m writing this as a way of filling in time before I have to leave. I’m heading into Adirondack country – don’t you love that word?


I’m off to spend the weekend with two women who were among the leaders of the revolution: Susun Weed, healer and plant ally, and Z Budapest, reclaimer/renewer of women’s spirituality.

Americans of spirit and passion at the forefront of a revolution that ultimately, seemingly and collectively, went nowhere. I am going to pay my respects on behalf of a younger generation for whom they lit the way. It’s all a bit of a hoot really. A weekend workshop called Priestess Training 🙂  They could have been running a knitting group and I’d be up at dawn to catch the subway to catch the bus to catch the cab to Saugerties. Apparently it’s down the road from Woodstock. I hope I get to see it.

So my darlings, I’ll be back on Monday.

Have a great weekend one and all.

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