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20 June 2011

Between the moon and NYC
A bear.

I saw a bear.

Tonto, I saw a bear, a black bear ambling along the road.

Can I believe it?

I saw a bear.

True story, I saw a bear.

It was my first bear.

It was in the fresh green summer wilderness, such as it is, of Pennsylvania, driving through a rare small road.

It was like the natives when they saw Columbus’s ships offshore and had no concept for ships so didn’t see the ships.

It was a black blump on the road. A moving black blump on the road in the not so distance.

If my friend Veronica had not said ‘look, a bear’ I would not have recognised the bear.

It of course took one look at the car and ambled right on into the forest.

Nonetheless, I saw a bear.

And deer, practically domesticated. With their spotted babies, little Bambis everywhere; confident of human laws that at least in suburbia protect them.

Pennsylvania for the weekend was a treat, thanks to a generous spirited new friend, Veronica. We drove the back roads and the main roads, we walked a waterfall, we shopped in the most marvellous shop I’ve ever seen and if I’d known I would have saved all my present shopping till then.

As it was I bought a God Bless America mug decked in the flag of the United States of America. How could I not, because for reasons same and different to the citizens themselves, I truly do think God Bless America.

And it will make me laugh every time I see my GBA cup on the shelf. And summon reactive politics from the hearts and minds of friends. And remember . . .

This shop took the SD Summer 2011 Patriot Prize – the whole building was a hymn to the red white and blue, both stars and stripes. And inside were all the offerings of an imaginative world, new and secondhand, all shiny and loved and beckoning, shop rooms tumbling back like a neverending hall of mirrors.

I took a photo but my camera cord is over with my luggage at my previous house. I have moved around the corner for my last two night, to a top floor apartment that at 6 floors is a good two storeys higher than just about all of its neighbours.

This gives me a breezy, opened window skyline view of the surrounding trees and, well, concrete walls. I love it, all this skating over rooftops. George, the landlord, has created a haven of sacred intent up here and I even have my own bathroom. Yay.

So now I make ready for my last full day in the Big Apple. I’m off to kd lang tonight at the Beacon Theatre. Liberty today. Even if I just get to sail around her. Memo to visitors to New York – book Liberty well in advance if you wanna meet her. Let’s see what I can do today without a booking.

I am exhausted. Friday’s coffee has ignited the blood in my veins like a spark to a fuel line. While it lit me up for Friday, it’s robbing me of delicious sleep.

But! My New York Show will go on!

Until I slip my mooring and ride to JFK tomorrow afternoon, and allow a new chapter to begin.

The moon is on the slide, I have traveled a full turn of the lunar wheel, an entire moon cycle in New York City.


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