The Little Black Book of Fame


The LIttle Black Book of Fame - how to get famous

Walk tall. Walk straight. And look the world right in the eye.


The Little Black Book of Fame is a how-to guide to everything you need to know to stand tall and true in the public eye.

Mainstream media can help establish you as a leader in your field.

It is your primary tool for building a public profile.

It will help you promote your vision.

This wonderful e-book will teach you how to command influence, get public recognition, boost your profile, start a movement, establish a political career.

Learn how to to run your own media campaign!

The Little Black Book of Fame is the sum total of everything award-winning newspaper journalist Stephanie Dale knows about the inside of the newsroom – and it’s packed with intelligence and inspiration.

Little Black Book of Fame
Just $9.95


Every single one of us has a dream.

This dream is our inner truth, tap tap tapping away inside our hearts and minds.

The dream might be a simple yearning for an elusive something else that robs you of your hard-earned satisfaction. For others, it’s a mighty roar that will not be silenced.

You have a choice.

You can ignore your dream . . . and work your butt off to line the pockets of bankers and insurance company executives.

OR you can answer the call!

If you’re ready to answer the door – to still the yearning and silence the roar – The Little Black Book of Fame is for you.

Why do most people ignore their dreams?

Because they don’t know where to start to realize them.

Wishing schmishing. What do you want? Fame. When do you want it? Now. Of course you do. But unless you happen to survive a notorious accident, in which case you’re going to be in no fit condition to state your case, fame takes time – and effort.

Most importantly, it takes a strategy.

A good media strategy will minimize both your time and your effort.

Little Black Book of Fame
Just $9.95


Almost without exception, every single face you see in the media has been stage managed to get there.

Let’s repeat that, lest its significance is lost in your rush to get to the microphone . . . almost without exception, every single face you see in the media has been stage managed to get there.

Why the clamour for the microphone?

Because media attention is free!

AND, unlike advertising – AN INDEPENDENT AUTHORITY has deemed YOUR MESSAGE worthy enough to take up VALUABLE NEWS SPACE.


And with it comes one of the greatest assets for anyone on the road to fame – INTEGRITY!

Little Black Book of Fame
Just $9.95


People – individuals and companies – fork out fortunes for media management, which, given the aforementioned rush for the microphone, is a lucrative and burgeoning industry. And there’s no sign that the competition’s backing off. Why? Because . . .

Fame will attract money. Fame will attract recognition. Fame will attract support.

So the bad news is media management is expensive. The good news is that all you need to know is right here in The Little Black Book of Fame.

And the best news of all is that we’ve simplified the process for you!

We know you don’t have time to wade through volumes of material and we know that industry jargon is a nightmare.

In The Little Black Book of Fame you will find only what you need to know, presented in a practical, easily-digested format that is perfect for busy people who’ve had a long day.

The Little Black Book of Fame:

  • Shows you how to turn your dream into a vision – what exactly do you want?
  • Helps you develop a strategyto realize your vision – a map to get you there
  • Teaches you to understand the media – understand the media!
  • Guides you as you create opportunities – it’s your turn at the microphone!
  • Assists you to maximize those opportunities  your reputation will snowball.



The LIttle Black Book of Fame

Little Black Book of Fame