Flying Solo:
Self Promotion for Self Published Authors

The great American aviator, Amelia Earhart, said: ‘when an adventure’s offered, you don’t refuse.’

The great African aviator, Beryl Markham, quoting her dad in her memoir, West with the Night, said: ‘after that, work and hope. And never hope more than you work.’

Independent publishers – the garden variety of which are self published authors – are the adventurers of the publishing industry.

We are not unlike the Tarot Fool, the one with our little swag over our shoulder containing our meager material resources, with one foot on land and the other about to step off a cliff top, plunging us into an abyss that will lead us . . . who knows where?

Have no doubt, friends, self publishing is an adventure.


Song of the Soul
A writing motivation workshop for people with longing in their hearts to write – but can’t quite bring themselves to put pen to paper.


Song of the Soul is for all of us who ‘would love to write a book but …’

This workshop will ferry you gently into the realm of your soul, where you will visit your heart’s deepest longing . . . and become familiar with that distant call that keeps nagging you to write.

Song of the Soul will help you cross the bridge between thinking about writing – and doing it.

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What’s your revolution?
The Longing is the Path


Inside every human heart is a longing so great that if it were expressed, it would ignite a revolution.

That longing is our birthright, our true purpose in life.

This workshop is an inspired exploration of the longing deep within the hearts of participants. Once revealed, their vision will be emboldened and horizons broadened.

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Self Publishing Boot Camp
Inspiration, Encouragement & Support
for groups and individuals


There are three primary phases in the book publishing journey:

* writing
* production
* marketing & promotion.

SPBC will help you decide if you want to publish yourself – or if you’d like to pitch to the mainstream. There is absolutely nothing stopping you going both roads, although there are factors to be considered in all three options.

SPBC will help you assess what is the right path for you.

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