Flying Solo

When I dare to be powerful, to use all my strength in the service of my vision, then it becomes less and less important whether I am afraid..

Audre Lorde

Self Promotion for Self Published Authors

The great American aviator, Amelia Earhart, said: ‘when an adventure’s offered, you don’t refuse.’

The great African aviator, Beryl Markham, quoting her dad in her memoir, West with the Night, said: ‘after that, work and hope. And never hope more than you work.’

Independent publishers – the garden variety of which are self published authors – are the adventurers of the publishing industry.

We are not unlike the Tarot Fool, the one with our little swag over our shoulder containing our meager material resources, with one foot on land and the other about to step off a cliff top, plunging us into an abyss that will lead us . . . who knows where?

Have no doubt, friends, self publishing is an adventure.

It is walking to the edge of your known world, for no other reason than your soul is calling you there, and like Amelia and Beryl and The Fool, taking one more step – into the unknown – into the abyss – and trusting life and the call of your spirit will lead you somewhere alive and true.

Most people would not consider writing a book much of an adventure, much less promoting and selling one.

Those of us who have a) answered the longing in our hearts that calls us to write  and then b) published it ourselves, are here to tell you that self publishing is the ride of your life – an adventure comparable to any ol’ traveling saga you might read in a book.

Self publishing is a lonely road – it’s not just those among us surrounded by cynics who will feel alone on this journey – no matter how much goodwill surrounds you from friends and family, have no doubt you will be flying solo.

You will soon discover that writing the book was the easy part.

Publication is one challenge.

By far the greatest challenge of all – the aspect of this journey that will demand everything you have to give and more – is PROMOTION.

My singular advantages have been twofold:

1. I am an Aries with an Aries ascendant – I am among the natural pioneers of the Universe
2. I am a journalist by trade – if there is nothing else I excel at on this good Earth, I can at least write a brilliant media release.

I can teach you the arts of both courage and self promotion.


If you would like to explore these possibilities further, as a group
or as an individual, I’d love to hear from you.




Dear Stephanie,
I have been meaning to write to you to say how much I enjoyed your self promotion workshop. I found you to be very well-prepared,  knowledgeable and your input and exercises extremely helpful and pertinent. My confidence was greatly boosted with the information and the tools you gave us and it was encouraging to have the opportunity to open up, to expose hopes and fears, and share projects that are deeply meaningful, important and heartfelt, in such a positively supportive environment. The work and the day were really enjoyable and hugely beneficial.
Thanks so much,
Love Swan
Night White Swan / Dr Amanda Montague Ph.D


Last night was soooo-oo good. I got so much from the questions and answers. Your introduction was perfect and I’m sure people appreciated your down to earth approach with honesty. No fluff and bubble or smoke and mirrors, trying to ‘sell’ something. Most impressive! You have renewed my courage to forge ahead for what I want.
Carol Wallin


Stephanie, thanks for your great workshop. You were very professional and certainly knew what you were talking about! Moreso, you gave real, direct feedback and called us all to action! I highly recommend your workshop training.
Irena Kirpichnikova
Switched On Publications


Hi Steph,thanks for the opportunity to be stretched. I was aware of many resistances that arose, and it’s only days later that I am seeing the openings that were offered and that it’s up to me to take them.
Lin Bell


I attended Stephanie Dale’s self promotion workshop to learn about the self promotion side of media! 
I learned how to write a press release and the right way to approach the media for the best chance of getting my story published. I explored how to present myself, and then how to take publicity to the next level. Stephanie led our group of diverse and very interesting participants in such a way that we were able to discuss each other’s main points of interest & swap suggestions. She set each of us on the right path to confidently promote ourselves in the media. I confidently recommend Stephanie’s self promotion workshop to anyone who wants to successfully explore this aspect of their business/interest.
Patti Jacobs (extract from a letter of recommendation)
visual & web artist


Stephanie, you ‘brought the goods’. You came from real experience and showed me the ‘other side’ of the press/business paradigm. Your information was all usable and you presented it with humour, empathy and – most importantly – you kept the day moving. Thank you.
Ian Blair Hamilton
managing director
AlkaWay Pty Ltd