What’s Your Revolution


What’s your revolution?

The Longing is the Path


Inside every human heart is a longing so great that if it were expressed, it would ignite a revolution.

That longing is our birthright, our true purpose in life.

This workshop is an inspired exploration of the longing deep within the hearts of participants. Once revealed, their vision will be emboldened and horizons broadened.

Most importantly, participants will be infused with self confidence; inspired, motivated and secure in their belief in the road ahead.

 A true leader knows her own heart.
When I dare to be powerful, it becomes less and less important whether I am afraid.

Audre Lorde

It is a paradox of human existence that we deny ourselves our greatest longing. Yet without exception, the people who are most successful are those who live their longing – they are those people who not only know their own heart, they are willing to give it everything they have to give. Everything.

The goal of this workshop is assist participants to get in touch with the longing deep within their own heart . . . then find the courage to claim it – and then to express it by incorporating it into their life’s work.

This workshop inspires participants to dare to be powerful.

In 2007, I walked with my son Ben on the middle leg of his pilgrimage from Canterbury (in England) to Jerusalem – he walked 7000 mms through 16 countries; I walked with him for 1500kms through five countries: across Italy, through the Balkans and into the Middle East.

The journey encoded into my bones all the tools I need to embrace the longing in my heart – to be brave and move forward in my own life.

This workshop covers the following ground:

  • how the lessons of pilgrimage apply to everyday life: vision, motivation, discipline, obligation, acceptance, fortitude, achievement
  • flying solo – why following your own heart will always lead you out on a limb and how it need not be lonely out there
  • courage – how to be brave and claim what is rightfully yours, peacefully and with kindness
  • discretion – how to choose your battles: knowing when to make a stand and when to walk away; and how to simply claim what’s rightfully yours without uttering a single sound
  • holding your center – how to stand tall and true regardless of the demands of others
  • knowing your own heart – how to fearlessly choose that which you most desire
  • living your revolution: a woman’s greatest empowerment.

These principles apply regardless of the career and life choices a woman makes; whether she is a scientist or an engineer, a psychologist or a counselor, a homemaker, entertainer, politician or public advocate, regardless of a woman’s career path she will be most successful if she is in love with her work and her life.

This concept is revolutionary because:

  • if women lived their longing their collective empowerment would change everything, for everyone, for all time
  • it will do more than close the gender gap in our society, it will rewrite the rules
  • living our longing catapults us into the stratosphere of limitless human potential
  • living our longing puts us beyond reach of the despairing realms that commonly cripple the lives of women, such as pleasing others, martyrdom to marriage and children, obligation to the overbearing masculine and tension in the world of work
  • living our longing enables us to claim what is rightfully ours – but not at the expense of others
  • it is inclusive action, bringing our families and work colleagues along with us; thus empowering others to also claim what is rightfully theirs: the longing in their own heart.
When you know yourself you are empowered. When you accept yourself you are invincible.

Tina Lifford

This, friends, is inspired leadership.




‘Stephanie Dale’s charismatic warmth delivers a cascade of energy that inspires and uplifts. Her soft femininity camouflages her strength. The power of her words will immediately captivate as she wraps you up in her story, leads her audience to the edge – and then matter of factly invites them to jump. She is a lead lemming: compelling, engaging and captivating, all the while paying sharp attention to reality and rationality. Stephanie is a great speaker and an excellent listener, two qualities rarely found in the one person.’

Patt Gregory, author and founder of Woodwork for Women


“Stephanie Dale’s inspirational insights into the human condition are honest, incisive and expressed with real love.  Her own journey in particular is one which will motivate her audience to action.  Her creative use of terminology is instantly refreshing and brings uplifting hope to those who have the privilege of listening to her speak.  Warning: attending her workshops or reading her books can be life changing!”

John Dahlsen, environmental artist