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No matter how small and insignificant – whether you are expressing your heart in a journal or penning an opus –  your writing is a revolutionary act. It takes courage. It is a human right.

Just about every single one of us has a story we are longing to tell. I know this because people queue to tell me when I am promoting my own books.

This I have learned: inside every human heart is a longing so great that if it were expressed, it would ignite a revolution.

That longing is your birthright, your true purpose in life.

It is vast and deep and wide, and it is persistent. It will not go away until you set it free.

No-one else can tell us the story locked inside you – it is uniquely yours.

Don’t die wondering!

Live brave. Set your story free.

I promise you, it will change your life.

Writing coach
New YorkA writing coach can transform your relationship to your writing – and this in turn will transform your life.

A writing coach has your back – she is right there to encourage you, support you, improve your writing skills, help you overcome writer’s block, offer strategies, ideas, tips and instruction to ensure you deliver on the great potential of the work that is your unique story.

Stephanie Dale has befriended the idiosyncracies and cycles of creativity. She knows what it’s like to avoid the longing that is calling you to write. She is all too familiar with the fragility and vulnerability of the new writer. And she understands the journey to the page and what it is to return, over and over and over again.

To find out if Stephanie is the right writing coach for you, contact her here.

Writing the Wild
writing the wildImagine being able to describe the perfection of the landscape around you in words.

This sky, in words that are uniquely yours. This culture, in words. The weather, in words. Beauty, in words.

Your words, your story.

This is the art of travel writing’. Learn to connect deeply with your own experiences, identify story angles and from there deal the reader into the heart of your writing.

Writing the Wild will inspire you to transform earth and sky and the spinning wild universe around you into a story that’s never been told before.

To organise a Writing the Wild group or individual experience, contact us here.

Walk & Write

Let’s walk!

Let’s roam through the landscapes of your life – and beyond!

We will discover beauty in the mundane, view the familiar through new eyes, and plant the stories you long to tell into the world you know and love.

Walk & Write is a very special encounter with small hitherto unseen universes that have been right before your eyes all this time.

That picture to your left – it is Melbourne. Not so far from the CBD.

Let’s walk. Let’s write.

To book a Walk & Write group or individual Walk & Write session contact Stephanie Dale.

Song of the Soul
Song of the Soul workshopSong of the Soul is for all of us who ‘would love to write a book but …’.

This one-to-one or group session will ferry you gently into the realm of your soul, where you will visit your heart’s deepest longing . . . and become familiar with that distant call that keeps nagging you to write.

Song of the Soul will help you cross the bridge between thinking about writing – and doing it.

I guarantee you will courage and the confidence to start!

And you will be overwhelmed with the quality of the results.

To organise a Song of the Soul group or book a one-to-one session contact Stephanie Dale.


What's your revolution?
Whats your revolution workshopThe longing is the path.

Inside every human heart is a longing so great that if it were expressed, it would ignite a revolution.

That longing is our birthright, our true purpose in life. For many of us, it is fuelled by the desire to express ourselves in writing.

What’s your revolution? is an inspired exploration of the longing deep within human heart. Once revealed, your vision will be emboldened and your horizons broadened. More thank this, you will begin writing, with a view to capturing your revolution, thereby laying the groundwork to share it.

What’s your revolution? will infuse you with self confidence – you’ll be inspired, motivated and rock solid in your belief in the road ahead.

To explore your revolution in a group or one-to-one session, contact Stephanie Dale.

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