Don’t stay where you are tolerated, go where you are celebrated.


It’s your brother’s wedding, your mother’s 80th, your colleague’s retirement, a friend’s book launch, the launch of your political career!

You’re at a party or important event and people look to you to give an impromptu speech.

You can squirm in your seat, you can waffle on unprepared – or you can Stand and Deliver!

‘Stephanie Dale is a wonderful speaker.  Her presentations are well-prepared and superbly crafted, highly intelligent, interesting and amusing.  She is a master speaker with topical and insightful messages.’ Dr. Swan Montague, M.A. Spiritual Philosophy, Ph.D. Metaphysics, author.

Let me show you how to do this.


By taking the time to write a speech (even an ‘impromptu’ speech), and standing to deliver that speech, you will:

* elevate the one you seek to honour

* share the very best of that person with the wider world

* speak competently and with love

* plant seeds that change the world

* develop greatest confidence in yourself

* deliver eloquently your heart’s deepest message

* change lives.

Here is your opportunity to rewrite family, workplace & community stories, to enhance and strengthen vital relationships, for all time.

Restore eloquence in communication.
Illuminate the value of education.
Honour the poetic heart of humanity.


This is leadership.


* For help writing speeches

* to have a speech written for you 

* for assistance with presenting your speech



Dedicated to the restoration of eloquence in everyday life.